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Representing the Round and Square Dance clubs of Columbus and Central Ohio.

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Website Changes in Store

After 15 years, the COCDC website will be getting a fresh new look, and a new webmaster. The transition will take place between now and the end of the year. We're still working out the details but check out, which will be the entry site for the Columbus square dance community. We're putting more emphasis on attracting new dancers and are automating the dance calendar so that each club can manage the listings of their own dance entries. Ray Owens will be constructing and maintaining the new site and I (Rob Stampfli) will be working with Ray to provide for an orderly transition. We're working hard to complete the major work by year's end. So check back with us from time-to-time, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have suggestions and/or questions; after all, we're doing this for you!

Our Friendship Dangle Gets a New Look...

Bright yellow with black letters boasting Friendship Hands Across COCDC. Dancers can earn this dangle by attending a club dance at all ten-member clubs during a one-year period. Now that COCDC has grown and has ten active Plus level clubs, the form has been revised too. A club officer must sign and date the form at each new club dance you attend. When you've gotten all ten signatures, give the completed form to a COCDC Council Representative to receive your dangle! Spread the Friendship of Western Square Dancing throughout Central Ohio!

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