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Pat Jones
Pat Jones
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Lynn LeMaster
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Terri Ross
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Pat Liston
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Velma Doyle
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COCDC News – February 2018

by Pat Jones

Pat Jones

Well it’s been a wild ride weather wise since Christmas but we have survived in spite of some cancellations of dances and our Council meeting on January 8, 2018; which was postponed until January 22nd. I personally like the snow and cold as long as I’m not driving in it. It’s so much prettier too than all this mud and rain we’re having now. And more fun for ice skating and snowman making!

Our Toys for Tots dance in December was a huge success! Thanks to Velma Doyle for heading it up and to the COCA callers for donating their time. Thanks to all of you that attended this dance and/or donated toys/money to support such a great charity. Thanks also to all of you that attended the Summer Fun dances and donated to the cause. Just the Summer Fun dances alone collected toys and $684! A huge thank you goes out to Terri Ross and her crew for coordinating the clothing sale. That sale alone collected $680! Thank you all that graciously donated your clothing. Without your donations this would not have been possible. Door sales and split-the-pot netted $272. So the grand total in cash donated was $1,636!! We also broke a record of amount of toys that were donated. There were so many it was too time consuming to count them all as we have done in years past. Thank you to Linda and Gary Jay for coordinating with the Gahanna Fire Department in coming to pick them up. They said they barely had room in the fire truck to put them all. The distribution of toys and money was handled a bit differently this year by the Firefighter organization. The local fire departments were allowed to keep what was collected to distribute within their local community unless it was requested to be sent to the Columbus Firefighters Toys for Tots. So the check from the Summer Fun dances went to the Columbus Firefighters and the money generated at the dance and toys collected all went to the Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). We were very proud to be able to donate so much to the cause!

Now moving on to what’s ahead in the new year…

Even though the days are gloomy we still have lots of dancing to do in the winter months to keep us warm and fit. At this writing the Pre-Snowball workshop will have happened on January 27th. I’m sure it was a success with lots of used clothing to buy and good food to eat, and of course lots of fun dancing. Don’t forget about the Snowball Dance on Sunday, February 11th from 1:30-4:30 at Eastpointe Christian Church. This is a great opportunity for all the new/student dancers to get out for 3 hours of floor time, meeting new people, and perhaps dancing to callers they haven’t danced to yet. We thank the Central Ohio Callers Association for sponsoring this annual dance.

It sounds as though the New Dancer dances sponsored by the individual member clubs have been a success so far. Good crowds and lots of students which is what we like to see! Be sure to check the printed schedule and our website or the flyer with the listing of New Dancer dances and attend as many as possible to support those that are learning. We will have one or two per month through April.

At our meeting I passed out a new Recruitment Assessment Form to the clubs in attendance. I will also be sending out an electronic copy to each club representative. If your club had recruitment expenses reimbursed by Council we would like you to complete this form and send it back to me. We ask this so that we can get some perspective on how well your forms of recruitment worked, what your retention of students is at this point, and to share any new ideas of recruitment with other clubs.

We also completed our process of updating and approving the By-Laws and Constitution at our January meeting. I will be sending out copies of the new By-Laws and Constitution soon.

On Sunday, March 11th we will have our Honoree Dance at Eastpointe Christian Church from 1:30-4:30. Pat and Dick Liston work tirelessly to make this dance such a success. Please come out and support your club Honorees at this fun dance with Tom Davis calling and Chuck Berry cueing.

March also brings the Council Annual meeting on Monday, March 5th. This is a mandatory meeting for all representatives. We will be voting for Vice President and Treasurer and setting our budget for next year. We will also be discussing marketing strategies and Summer Fun dances for 2018. That being said, we are beginning the process of how to schedule the summer dances this year. We found that last year we had more than necessary. It was also suggested that we move the dances around throughout the summer and possibly have clubs sponsor a dance at their club dance location. They could choose their caller and day of the week they’d like to have the dance. Please discuss with your club members. If your club would like to have a summer fun dance please let me know by mid-February. The Marketing Committee will meet in February to make final decisions on the schedule. We will then make the decision on maximum amount COCDC will cover for reimbursement of expenses for these dances at our March meeting.

Finally, don’t forget to register for the Ohio State Convention being held here in Columbus on May 4th & 5th. There are also two Trail End dances on Thursday, May 3rd. One is for squares and one is for rounds. Our website has a link to the official Convention website or you can go directly to 58ohdc2018.com. There’s much to do, including the dinner show. Everyone have a wonderful rest of the winter. Keep warm and be safe in your travels. Check in on those not fortunate enough to be able to get out anymore to enjoy dancing or perhaps those you haven’t seen in a while.

Pat Jones

COCDC News - November 2017

by Pat Jones

Pat Jones

Here we are in full swing of autumn though the leaves are either off the trees or still very green which is odd for late October. Many clubs are also in full swing with class and new students. I’ve talked to many clubs and it sounds as though most everyone has a good number of students which is fantastic!

In September Council had a demo in downtown Columbus at the Columbus Harvest Fair. This was the first time at this event and we hope to be back again next year. We had over two squares of dancers and we had such a great time under the leadership of Jason Raleigh and his family. I believe having the boys dance helped get the kids from the crowd up to dance too. That’s what it’s all about – great family fun! Jason mixed things up with squares and lines. It was slow going at first, getting onlookers to join us, but once the kids got up to do line dancing it sparked some interest and we ended up dancing longer than planned because people kept coming up on stage wanting to dance; parents and their children. I want to personally thank all those dancers that came out to support this event. It wouldn’t have been a success without you! (Please see pictures of this event on our picture page)

Another great time was spent dancing and visiting with an Australian couple that contacted Velma when they came to Columbus. Their names were Nev & Bev McLachlan. It was great fun getting to know them and dancing with them as well as dancing to them because Nev is a caller and Bev is a cuer in Australia. They visited at a Bucks and Does dance and then Mel & I took them to Maple Leaf Squares. It’s always so fun to meet dancers and callers from other countries. Mel & I were so appreciative that Velma introduced them to us. Please check out the picture of them receiving their Purple Heart dangle with Travis Cook at the Maple Leaf Anniversary dance.

Now on to a bit of Council business and dates to put on your calendar…

First – Remember that if your club is going to participate in the USDA Insurance plan through Council you must have your representative bring the required forms to Velma Doyle at our next meeting on Monday, November 6th. If you are unable to do that please call Velma and make arrangement to get the forms to her. Velma sent everyone the forms via email but if for whatever reason you don’t have them please contact her.

Second – The date to submit your Honoree individual or couple has been changed to an earlier date so that everything will be submitted before we all get into busy holiday mode. Please be sure to have all the required information Pat Liston sent to you via email submitted to her by November 10th. And don’t forget the Honoree dance is March 11th.

Third – It’s hard to believe but Christmas is right around the corner so we are busy planning our annual charity event which is the Toys for Tots dance on Sunday, December 10th (please see flyer on this website). This dance will be for new dancers & seasoned dancers; and we will be having a used clothing sale of square dance clothes at the dance. You will have a chance to shop before the dance begins so come early to see what there is to offer. If you have any clothes or shoes you’d like to donate, please contact Terri Ross or any of the Board members and we will be happy to accept your donation. Our phone numbers are on the Officer’s page of this website.

Fourth – Those clubs conducting class will be reimbursed again this year for 75% of their recruiting expenses with a maximum of $300. If you haven’t already mailed those receipts to Pat Liston, please do so as soon as possible. This is a great benefit to member clubs.

We also are still working on implementing a few new items to Columbus dancers and member clubs. One is the return of the Friendship Dangle. Lynn LeMaster has been working diligently drafting a form and guidelines to be ready for clubs to have at their dances. We hope to have these ready for clubs to pick up at our November meeting. This is a great time to talk to your club and students about this fun program since it’s the beginning of a new square dance year and the students will be going to dances very soon.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend has many great dance opportunities so hope to see you in a square working off all those calories and having a great time in the process.

See you all in a square,
Pat Jones