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Representing the Round and Square Dance clubs of Columbus and Central Ohio.

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This Week in Central Ohio Square Dancing

Dear Dancers,

There are several upcoming opportunities for mainstream and plus level square dancing in Central Ohio this week:

Saturday, Apr 12 – Grove City Western Squares at the Evans Senior Center, 4330 Dudley Ave, Grove City, from 7:30 to 10:30 PM.  (Early Rounds at 7 PM.)  Caller:  Mike Sumpter.  Cuer:  Chuck Berry.  Hi-Lo

Saturday, Apr 12 – Westerville Promenaders at Westerville Senior Center, 310 West Main St, Westerville, from 7 to 9:45 PM.  Caller:  Gary Kincade. Cuer.  Sue Powell.

Wednesday, Apr 16 – Daylight Dancers at the Martin Janis Senior Center, 600 E 11th Ave, from 3 to 4:45 PM. Caller and cuer: Mark Johnson.

Wednesday, Apr 16 – Hi-Timers at 470 Havens Corners Rd, Gahanna, from 7:30 to 10:00 PM.  (Early rounds at 7 PM.)  Callers:  Mark Clausing & Cindy Whitaker.  Cuer:  Chuck Berry.

Friday, Apr 18 – Little Brown Jug at Mingo Park, Delaware, from 7:30 to 10:15 PM.  Caller:  Gary Kincade.  Cuer:  Phyllis Burdette.  Hi/Lo

Friday, Apr 18 – Orbiting Squares from 7:30 to 10:30 PM at Gahanna Community Congregational Church, 470 Havens Corners Rd, Gahanna.  Caller: Eddie Powell.  Cuer: Linda Bishop.

Saturday, Apr 19 – Hicks & Chicks 50’s Dance at 103 W High Street (Route 95), Edison, OHfrom 8 to 10:30 PM. (Early rounds at 7:30 PM).  Caller: Homer Magnet.  Cuer:  Phyllis Burdette.

We hope to see you somewhere at a dance!


Congrats to our 2014 COCDC Honorees —
Tom and Erma Wolf

2014 Honorees
Erma & Tom Wolf

Tom & Erma Wolf of Grove City Western Squares are the COCDC Honoree Couple for 2014.  In the nineteen years that they have square danced, they have served their clubs (Tracktown Shirts & Skirts and Grove City Squares) in many capacities, including years as banner chairs and COCDC representatives.  Every year they can still be found serving as angels for new dancers.  They support GCWS in many additional ways including serving as greeters, working the desk selling tickets and collecting money, bringing refreshments, setting up the food table, cleaning up during and after dances, and always thanking the visiting dancers for attending their club dances. They do all this work with the biggest smiles and pitch in to help others when needed without being asked.  

Tom & Erma have also done much to support the larger dance community. Oftentimes, you can find them helping out when they attend other club’s dances, cleaning up, helping to put away chairs, and helping the caller and cuer to carry out their equipment.  They joined The Heart of Ohio Traveling Squares in 1999, a camping square dance club in which they were active for several years. They have traveled to dances all around our nation to help support square dancing.  They served as a sponsor for Mid America Square Dances in Louisville, Kentucky.  They have attended numerous square dance weekends, national conventions and state conventions.  Often they have served in a helping role in some way.  If they see a need, they are the first to step-up and take on the job with a smile without even being asked.  

This couple has served on several COCDC council committees including the Honoree Dance Committee and Toys for Tots Committee along with many other dances for several years. They have been very active supporting the Relay for Life Dance bus trips to Lubeck, W.Va. They always volunteered to sell raffle tickets and split-the-pot tickets, and then volunteered to help with setting up the buffet dinner, and worked on clean-up until the job was completed.  One could always count on them to serve on the planning committee for the Relay for Life Dances in Columbus. Their contributions of food and support made the load lighter for all dancers. Often times, this couple would jump in and help with the annual Bucks & Does Charity Dance to benefit the less fortunate by selling tickets and working at the food table all the way to the final clean-up.  

In 2005, they served to help with the Labor Day weekend Dance-A-Rama Dance Festival sponsored by Single Square Dancers USA when it was held in Columbus. Although they were not members of the sponsoring club, they worked the desk, collecting money, selling tickets, and providing directions for out of town dancers. In 2006, they stepped up to promote Dance-A-Rama in Rochester, New York by providing a place for dancers to meet the tour bus, opening up their home to allow dancers to use all the needed conveniences, serving coffee at their own expense, and providing a safe place for dancers to park their cars while traveling and participating in the convention activities. And of course, they traveled on the bus to the convention. Their great sense of humor added to the fun to make the long bus trip more enjoyable.  As a result of their dedication and continuous hard work in our square dance community, they were awarded the Yellow Rock Award at the Yellow Rock dance in November 2011.  

This couple stepped up and took on the role of Hospitality Chair for the 2013 State Convention. That volunteer role required them to attend a couple of years of planning meetings for the convention. They were instrumental in helping to set-up the Coffee & Cookies with Columbus, a marketing activity for the 2013 State Convention, at the 2012 State Convention in Akron. They helped with the set-up, served as one of several hostesses to ensure that the guest’s needs were met, and talked with visitors about the upcoming convention. Then, they returned and helped with the convention after party for all Columbus dancers in the same event room.  While in Akron in 2012, they worked the registration table for the 2013 State Convention providing relief for other workers to leave the table. Then, they attended several skit practice sessions and joined in the skit in 2012 to promote the 2013 convention in Columbus.  

This couple’s role for the 2013 State convention did not stop with their job description. They used their personal connections and got the tee shirt for the convention designed and printed so that the committee would have a model shirt to work with at no expense to the planning committee. Their thoughtfulness saved a lot of time with a job well done. They both spent a lot of time manning the front table giving up valuable dance time of their own to answer all kinds of questions and to help sign dancers up for extra activities. Their help saved the day by providing quality service. This couple also helped with the fund raiser dances by showing up with extra supplies and extra ice cream for several of the ice cream fund raiser dances. Most often, they furnished raffle items for the fund raising raffles without being asked. Their thoughtfulness shows how much they do and think about how to promote our square dance activities!

Our Featured Caller of the Month:
Rick Gittelman

(featured caller pic)Rick_Gittelman

EARLY CAREER: Rick began calling and teaching Square Dances in 1974 while still in high school. He began his career in the Philadelphia area inspired by his Uncle and Aunt, Henry and Lydia Vendor (deceased), who were avid Dancers and Round Dance Cuers. Rick's parents Dave and Shirley (deceased) were also very supportive of his calling career.  

Co-founder of the area's first solo Square Dance Club where he served as the club caller from 1976-85. His friends at that club – the Lone Rangers, which is still in existence – helped and supported him is the early days of calling and he is still very grateful to them.  

Rick became very busy calling and teaching in the Philadelphia area in the late 70's and early 80's and at the same time worked full time in a retail business with his father. He began traveling out west to Arizona and Colorado in the mid 80's and began to expand his career to part time traveling calling. He fell in love with Arizona and in the late 1980's began spending part of the year in the Phoenix area. 

MOVING WEST: In 1990 he gave up his retail career, moved to Phoenix and began to pursue a full time career in Calling and Teaching Square Dancing. He soon became busy calling all over Arizona and expanded his travels to California, New Mexico and Colorado. He changed his home base to Tucson in 1995 as he became the club caller for Diamond Squares, Tucson Twirlers and started a Caller Run Advanced Club, the Rick A Shays.  

RECENT CAREER: Rick is well known for his creative choreography, great sense of humor and singing voice. He currently keeps busy nearly every day of the week as he is the club caller for: Tucson Twirlers, Swingin' Singles, Rick A Shays, C1nders, T-Squares, and Green Valley Squares. In Fall-Winter season he teaches daytime classes and workshops in Green Valley and evening classes in Tucson. Since 2004, teaches Youth Square Dance 3rd through 8th Grade at Desert Springs Academy in Tucson. He also keeps busy guest calling over Arizona. He calls beginners through C1 and is strong supporter of calling and teaching non-standard applications.

Rick travels all over the United States. Does a major tour that covers over 10,000 miles of driving, calling for several clubs in Colorado, New Mexico, the Midwest, and the East Coast every Aprili, May, and early June. In the summer and fall he frequently calls in California.  

RELATED ACTIVITES: In Phoenix Rick was the President of the Central Arizona Callers Association. He is the current President of Southern Arizona Callers Association and has been for over a decade. He is the Chairman of the Tucson Area Square Dance Festival held every January. Recently Rick has been a caller coach, most recently at the Tucson Callers College this past winter, 9 new callers attended. Rick has been a CALLERLAB member since 1981.  

RICK THE WRITER and BACK TO SCHOOL: Rick's other passion is writing: fiction, lyrics, poetry, and journalism. He returned to college in the fall of 2011 to pursue a degree in writing/liberal arts. He has written for several Square Dance publications and is the current editor of the Dancing Cactus in Tucson. Rick hopes to see you at one of his dances soon.   

Rick will be the caller at Orbiting Squares on June 6, so this would be a great opportunity to dance to this nationally known caller.

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